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What Our Customers Say

"Used my strawberry square to wrap my sandwiches today - environmentally friendly and kept my sandwich fresh - great natural product"

Anna Francis

"I am the lucky owner of several wax cloths made by the very talented Mrs Bee I have had the pleasure of using one of these wax cloths for over 3 weeks and I absolutely love it.. I can't wait to use my new sandwich bag complete with wooden buttons so useful and so beautifully crafted. Cling film has never been a favourite of mine, the thought of all those chemicals touching my food just wasn't right! I used to use grease proof paper tied up with string which was a bit fiddly tbh, the wax cloths are an absolute dream can be used over and over just love them. Thanks to Mrs Bee for introducing them to me .. highly recommend.."

Caroline Lamont

"Love Love Love it! What a beautiful pattern on it too. Thank you so much x"

Rebecca Newmarch

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