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Our Story

After moving to North Wales from Kent with her bees, Mrs B started to play with the surplus wax the bees produced and Mrs B's Wax Wares was born! Bees are famous for their honey but they also produce the wonderful wax which can be used for a variety of products such as the ones in our shop and many more.
Having got into Beekeeping by accident Mrs B has developed a love of not just Honeybees but all of our bees. You will have heard that bees are under threat from a variety of sources such as pesticides, insecticides and urbanisation. Whilst many assume it is the Honey Bee that is endangered it is in fact our Bumbles and Solitary Bees that are really at risk. 
Via this website we hope to give you information about bees in general, we will put links to other sites if you want more information and post things that may be of interest. We want to share this fascinating hobby with you as well as giving you the opportunity to try some of the products made using Beeswax and other natural ingredients. If you have any questions please contact us and we will try and answer or find out from someone who does know! Bees are fascinating and addictive - ask a beekeeper and they will all tell you the same, they all start with one hive and before they know it have a lot more and not for the honey in most cases!
Ivy Bank Honey Bees is a two part story. Mrs B's Wax Wares and also the Ivy Bank Honey, which unfortunately cannot be added to the shop due to the delicate nature of the jars. However we are developing 'Experience Sessions’, which will be available from next April for the 2018 season.  Would you like to spend some time with the bees? see the inside of a hive and find out about these wonderful creatures? then make a couple of products?  Contact us for more information if you are interested in these. (Over 18’s only)
Both Ivy Bank Honey Bees and Mrs B’s Wax Wares are a work in progress so please join us for the journey! Mrs B will be introducing more products all the time so come back and visit us to see what’s new!

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